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We have few important reminders for you before we proceed. 

The provision of services by bXTRA are subject to the Terms of Use, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (Agreements). All services provided hereunder are within the meaning of the word “Services” as defined, used and/or referred to under said Agreements.

By accessing and availing of the Services, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the Agreements including the collection, use and processing of your Personal Data in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and the additional terms and conditions as follows:

  1. Your representations

By using the Service, you represent, warrant and/or undertake that:

  • You have legal capacity to enter into this transaction and that you are at least 18 years of age; and
  • The information you provide are true and accurate.
  1. Additional Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability 


The goods, products and services (“Items”) you ordered are supplied and/or rendered by third-party merchants and delivery service providers (jointly “Third Party Providers”). bXTRA merely connects you with such Third Party Providers. bXTRA does not own, offer or resell the Items and it does not own or control the Third Party Providers.

You agree that any liability and responsibility in relation to such Items shall solely be borne by the Third Party Providers and not bXTRA.

The order that you placed shall be subject to the terms and conditions, product availability and delivery availability of the Third Party Providers.

The prices of the Items are determined Third Party Providers and are listed here for information purposes only.

Transactions may, at their reasonable discretion, be cancelled by bXTRA or the Third Party Providers if you become unavailable or, despite reasonable efforts, cannot be contacted at the time of the call for confirming the order. In such instance and if payment has already been made, you shall not be entitled to refund.

bXTRA reserves the right to cancel or suspend order if in its sole discretion if it suspects or detects any fraudulent behavior or activity. 

Specifically, but not limiting the generality of the foregoing, you agree to the following:

  1. Items
  • Third Party Providers are responsible for the preparation, condition, quality and rendition of the Items.
  • bXTRA makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, nor assumes liability, for the quantity, quality, condition or other representations of the Items including their details and images which are displayed herein.
  • You agree that you shall bear all risk arising out the Items and shall have no recourse against bXTRA with respect to the same.
  • Availability of the Items are the sole discretion of the Third Party Providers and are subject to change without prior notice.  
  • You must be of the statutory legal age to purchase alcohol and tobacco products. The Third Party Providers reserve the right to ask for valid proof of age, refuse delivery if you are unable to comply or refuse delivery to any persons, under their sole and reasonable discretion, for any reason. 
  • bXTRA is unaware of and is not obligated to provide ingredient information and allergen warnings. bXTRA does not warrant that the Items are free of allergens. If you have allergies, allergic reactions or dietary restrictions and requirements, please contact the Third Party Providers before proceeding.
  • Delivery
  • bXTRA does not control, warrant, assess nor monitor the suitability, legality, speed and all aspects of business operations of Third Party Providers. You expressly waive and release bXTRA from any and all liability, claims or damages arising from or in any way related to deliveries.
  • Covered delivery areas may change depending on weather, traffic conditions and force majeure. 
  • You are obliged to provide complete, accurate and truthful delivery address and contact information.
  • An estimated delivery time will be provided to you. You acknowledge that the delivery time is only an estimate and Items may arrive earlier or later.
  • You should ensure that you or an authorized representation shall be at the delivery location with a valid proof of identification.
  • Delivery, at the discretion of the Third Party Providers, may be cancelled if/when:
  • the information on the delivery address are inaccurate or incomplete;
  • you or your authorized representative are not present at the delivery address or cannot be contacted at the time of delivery for a period of 10 minutes from the arrival of the Items; and
  • sudden unavailability of Items ordered due to delay in providing information to proceed with the transaction.

In cases of 1. to 2. above, you shall continue to be liable to pay for the Items including additional charges.

  • Payments
  • A breakdown of prices and additional charges, including but not limited to delivery charge, shall be provided to you. You agree to pay for all amounts, including additional charges.
  • You may not cancel orders once you have received a confirmation. If you cancel an order after it has been confirmed, you shall remain liable for the Items in full, regardless of whether the same has been prepared or delivered by the Third Party Providers.
  • Orders will only be confirmed upon successful payment.  
  • Payments may be made by way of: 
  • Cashback redemption. Should delivery be made by a Third Party Provider other than the merchant which prepared the Items, the delivery charge may only be paid by cash directly to the Third Party Provider making the delivery;
  • Bank deposit and electronic money transfer made directly to the merchant’s nominated account. You understand and accept that the details of such nominated account have been provided to us by the Third Party Provider. bXTRA does not warrant the accuracy, existence or legality of such account and shall not in any way be responsible of any and all issues relating thereto.

You are aware and understand that the speed of, or any delay in, confirming bank deposits and electronic money transfers vary for each bank or financial institution involved in the process, and for reasons beyond bXTRA’s control.

You acknowledge and confirm that bXTRA has no involvement whatsoever in the deposit or transfer and any delay relating to its confirmation and, as such, may not be held liable in connection with any and all issues thereto; and

  • Such other payment method we would offer from time to time. 
  • You must ensure that you have sufficient Cashback or funds, as the case, may be in order to fully pay the Items including additional charges.
  • You shall remain be liable to pay the value of the Items and other charges if you failed to receive the delivery within 10 minutes upon arrival for any reason.

If you have fully read, understood and agree to all of the foregoing, please proceed with the transaction and we would be happy to assist you.

Otherwise, kindly exit.

Thank you. 

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