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Assorted – Empanada, Pao, Pie (Box of 10) 2.5% Cashback


2.5% bXTRA CashBack

  • Beef Curry
  • Chicken Curry
  • Pork Asado
  • Chicken Asado
  • Ube Pao
  • Apple Pao
Sold By: Ching Nam Hong


Assorted Boxes may contain variations of items:
Chicken Curry – PHP55
Beef Curry – PHP65
Pork Asado – PHP60
Chicken Asado – PHP60
Ube Pao – PHP55
Apple Pao – PHP55

*This product is pre-ordered

Additional information

Additional information

Flavor 1 (3pcs)

Beef Curry, Chicken Curry

Flavor 2 (3pcs)

Pork Asado, Chicken Asado

Flavor 3 (4pcs)

Ube Pao, Apple Pao

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